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What Does Living Mean?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

In our life, we have faced the hardest decisions that create fear, and uncertainty, which makes us uncomfortable. That uncomfortable feeling creates our drive to keep propelling forward, so why do we begin to settle when it is the uncomfortable feeling that makes us take risks and possibly make the best decisions in our life?

Ask yourself why you do not like the unknown? I am reaching out to everyone in this crazy world, who has stopped to think to themselves during these last couple of crazy years during the pandemic, “Why are we so mad right now?” Throughout the whole pandemic, we have felt this estranged feeling of being scared, terrified, annoyed, and overwhelmed, but not many of us can say that through this pandemic we have felt okay. I know, like myself, I went through a struggle of becoming depressed, becoming an introvert, or becoming a mother who felt scared for her children. For many of you, at one point or another, you have felt that way, even fathers out there who do not want to admit it. Well, I have come to tell you that because of shortages and the after-effects of the pandemic, I realized that I had become an angry person. Angry at the world for being self-absorbed in their everyday life instead of becoming united during a time that the country needed to unite. Instead, now people are reprimanded, we all need to unite and combine hands and come together. Or we could simply start by asking each other how are you doing. In the end, you may be asking yourself why I am writing this to you. WELL here is the reason, because I was tired of becoming everyone’s punching bag in society because they were mad that they were working an 8-5, or mad because the pandemic forced relationships to communicate when they didn’t want to, or whatever the case may be; I told myself I am still young, my children are developing a sense of the world and this was not how I wanted it to develop. I, like most, was becoming an angry person and that is NOT who I am. So, the question still remains why am I writing this to you. My significant other and I decided it was time to live! Living does not mean that we wake up and dread going to work, living, for us is the definition of waking up and breathing in the fresh air and saying this is what I would like to do today. WE decided it was time for us to wake up to work enough to live, but not wake up to work! It is a scary sensation of developing your own schedule to still have to dust off your britches and keep going, but it was time to LIVE. To teach our kids what the very definition of LIVING is. Growing up you have all of these crazy definitions of what you want to do, but tell me how often as a child did you wake up and tell yourself you want to work an 8-5, or to be enclosed in an office all day, or stuck to the same routine. Well, if you knew what you wanted to do, that is awesome! I was the kid who was like I wanna do this, well I changed my mind I wanna do that, wait I like to do a little bit of everything! My passion for life never stopped at one thing and oftentimes society tells me that I am indecisive and that may very well be true, but ultimately I believe that the truth is we are just meant to LIVE and enjoy life. Chasing money is cool and all for a little bit until you realize all of your time is gone, or your children are grown up, or you have all of these undying needs to reach the newest and coolest thing, but what about LIVING. Where does LIVING fall into this? I decided to take the time to share with you all what LIVING is to me. Taking time to self-reflect is living for you . Does that mean going into the bank and helping people with their money, teaching the next generation to love what they traveling and figuring out things as you do, or being a stay at home parent trying to figure out how the child's mind works (If you figure this one out let me know)? Keep an eye out for the next glimpse if you aren’t sure what you want to do either, but all at the same time know you want to LIVE in the moment, not what should have been or could have been! Remember what is important to you and what makes you feel alive! Self Reflection Points

  1. What is it that is stopping you from living?

  2. When you think of the unknown how does it make you feel?

  3. If you were ask for advice what questions would you want to ask?

  4. Are you ready to take the leap with me?


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